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Why Should Online Reputation Matter to Your Multifamily Residential Property?

What fuels a multifamily residential property’s growth? That’s easy, right? I bet we all immediately think, “By bringing in new renters, and retaining residents, while…

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How Can Multifamily Residential Properties Fight Rising Costs?

Inflation and rising expenses are impacting multifamily operations’ bottom line. It is painful to see average net operating income (NOI) experience the first decrease since…

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Stealth Monitoring Multi-Family Site Design Best Practices

Many of our customers can save on retrofit costs by future-proofing infrastructure for cameras and monitoring services with better planning guidelines. The following recommendations aim…

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Are You Paying Attention to Resident Retention in Your Multifamily Property?

Despite everything the world has gone through in the past two years, one thing remains the same; the multifamily industry must continue to focus on…

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Multi-family Home-sharing: An Emerging Strategy for Ancillary Revenue

AirBnB’s launch in 2008 was exceptionally disruptive to the hospitality industry…but it didn’t stop there. By providing a new vehicle for homeowners to offer temporary…

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