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Suspect Mixing Substances inside Washing Machine

Just after 2:15 a.m., our trained security operators spotted an individual enter the laundry room of a Fort Worth, Texas apartment complex...


Intoxicated Man Gets Medical Help

Our trained video monitoring operators spotted an inebriated man outside of a Houston, Texas shopping center and called local police....


Female Loiterers Arrested in Apartment Business Center

Loitering may seem like a harmless crime on the surface, but it can lead to more serious criminal activity. In this video, two female...


Theft of Car Parts is Big Business for Thieves

In 2017, a motor vehicle theft was reported every 40 seconds in the U.S. That number was up by 4% from the previous year, according to data...


Suspicious Individual at Apartment Gym Had Warrant for Arrest

Police arrest individual with warrant for his...


Illegal Gambling and Loitering in a Shopping Center Parking Lot

Illegal gambling, loitering and suspicious activity led to an arrest in...


Inebriated Driver Crashed Twice at a Construction Site

An inebriated driver crashed into equipment and a pole at a construction...


Security Operators Lead Police to Loiterers at Multifamily Apartment Laundry Facility

Dallas Police arrest suspicious loiterers in apartment laundry...


Is a Security Guard Service the Best Solution for Construction Sites?

Video monitoring located suspect that security guards...


Video Monitoring Can Deter and Prevent Criminal Activity

Parking lots can be a magnet for criminal activity such as drug deals, loitering and property damage. Live video monitoring can help combat...


Thief Arrested at Apartment Construction Site in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Police arrested thief at construction...


Attempted Pharmacy Break-In at Shopping Center - Security

Police arrested pharmacy break-in...

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