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Suspicious Pair Loitering in Multifamily Residential Building Escorted from Property

At approximately 1:54 am, Stealth security operators monitoring a multifamily residential building observed two individuals accessing the property and loitering in the common areas.

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Alert Stealth Security Professionals Spot Fire at Multifamily Community

At approximately 11:24 pm, Stealth security professionals monitoring a Georgia multifamily property observed a fire had begun to burn in an onsite dumpster,

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Audible Alarms Effectively Drive Off Afterhours Pool-Goers

At approximately 10:34 pm, and after posted pool usage hours, Stealth security professionals monitoring a multi-family residential community spotted several individuals in the pool area.

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The Hidden Perils of Parking: Uncovering Security Flaws in Multifamily Residential Communities

This compilation video shows live video monitoring can be a critical component in effectively securing multifamily parking facilities.

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Police Arrest Trespasser Breaking into Georgia Apartment Building

At approximately 1:55 a.m., a group of three individuals were spotted by Stealth security professionals loitering in front of a boarded-up building that is part of a Georgia apartment community.

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