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This Is What You Need to Boost Medical Equipment Security

Medical equipment theft is an expensive problem. Just one medical care facility had 383 items valued at $11 million go missing over a four-year period…

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What Are the 8 Best Practices to Prevent Damage to Warehouses?

Facilities need to continue to remain vigilant about warehouse security. According to a CargoNet report, warehouses are one of the top two targeted location types…

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Why and How Often Should You Update Your Security Strategy?

What’s in your company’s physical security strategy? How often do you review it to ensure it’s current? Has your security strategy been updated in the…

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What Are the Top Benefits of Integrated Security in Manufacturing?

Integrating manufacturing systems allows all the apps, tools, and technology to work together seamlessly. This enhances operational efficiencies, especially at a time when there are…

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Flood Safety and Security for Commercial Properties

Heavy rains recently pounded south Texas, causing disastrous flooding and damage. As a result, Governor Greg Abbott issued a federal disaster declaration for Hidalgo and…

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