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4 Top Security Trends for 2023

The previous year has been one of fluctuation thanks to inflation, supply chain problems, and the shortage of workers across industries. As leaders look ahead…

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3 Top Ways to Make Your Warehouse Profitable

When one of the largest ecommerce companies in the world is facing a potential warehouse worker shortage, then it’s a sure sign that the warehouse…

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How to Protect Your Business from Holiday Cargo Theft

Crime rings and thieves don’t mind playing Scrooge during the holidays. With more cargo in transport due to the holiday season, it puts businesses at…

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Pair of Thieves Escape with Valuable Copper, Nabbed by Police

Late one evening, Stealth security operators monitoring a warehouse spotted two men accessing the perimeter of the building by climbing through a hole they’d cut in the chain-link fence.

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Live Video Monitoring Catches Security Guard Asleep on the Job

In the video above, our Stealth security professionals spotted the onsite guard hired by one of our clients getting more than just a little comfortable while they were supposed to be at work.

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