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Parking Lot Crimes and the Need for Robust Security

Parking lots, those seemingly mundane spaces where vehicles find temporary respite, often harbor a multitude of criminal activities that range from minor inconveniences to serious…

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Safeguarding the Mining Industry: Addressing Safety and Theft Risks

In recent years, the mining industry has faced tough challenges. From safety concerns to theft — both from within and outside the industry — there’s…

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Live Video Monitoring Can Revolutionize Security at Multifamily Properties- Here’s How

Here are several examples of how live video monitoring can help multifamily communities solve their security issues.

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Auto Dealership Site of Arrest After Prowler is Revealed to Have Multiple Open Warrants

At approximately 12:45 am, Stealth security monitoring operators observing a Virgina auto dealership client spotted a dark sedan entering the property and parking.

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Three Arrested After Cameras Catch Attempted Vehicle Theft at Maryland Dealership

Just after midnight, Stealth security professionals were alerted to suspicious activity onsite at an automotive dealership property in Maryland.

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