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Stealth Monitoring and Caliber Communications and Syncro Monitoring to Combine Forces Under Stealth Name

In March of 2023, Stealth Monitoring officially acquired Ontario-based Caliber Communications and Syncro Monitoring, expanding Stealth’s capabilities as the North American leader in technology-driven commercial…

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What Are Lawmakers Doing to Stop Catalytic Converter Thefts?

Even with many organizations ending or about to end the pandemic emergency declarations, catalytic converter theft continues to be a problem. These thefts started during…

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Recycling Facility Thief Busted with Live Video Surveillance

While observing surveillance feeds of a Toronto recycling center, Stealth security professionals caught sight of someone out of place.

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Connect with Stealth at the ISRI Convention & Exposition 2023

Scrap and metal theft is one of the fastest growing criminal pursuits in North America. Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, and scrap iron have experienced…

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How to Integrate Security into One Multi-Layered Solution

A security solution cannot work alone. If a system contains only one layer of security, then it can easily fall victim to savvy criminals. Adding…

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