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Valuable Tips for Securing Your Construction Site During the Holidays

The holidays are here and that means many construction sites will shut down for a day or two, possibly even longer. There’s no question that…

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Construction Industry Trends for 2019

The construction industry is typically slow to adopt new technology. That, however, may change in 2019 due to several trends growing in popularity, including augmented…

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What Construction Sites Are Doing to Prepare for Hurricane Florence

Cities across the east coast of the United States are preparing for Hurricane Florence. According to the governor of North Carolina, this hurricane is a…

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How Can I Help Prevent Construction Vandalism and Theft?

The open spaces and often remote locations of construction sites make them vulnerable to crime. A Washington police department published a guide on how to…

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Industry Trends: Demand for Sustainable Construction Continues to Grow

Sustainable is the concept of creating things so they leave the smallest carbon footprint. It has become a buzzword across multiple industries in 2018 and…

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